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About Us

We help You Grow Better. We help You Procure Better!

We don’t want to be great problem solver, but want to avoid problems, prevent them from happening by doing it right from the beginning.

We want to promote a chemical-free, organic and healthy lifestyle without compromising our environment and society. We want to be trailblazers for building a landscape of evergreen advance agriculture in India, by utilizing IoT and business intelligence, thus making agriculture sustainable, eco-friendly and profitable. We want to uplift farmers by training them to adopt technology to produce high-quality crops with high yield from every acre without depending on expensive inputs. We dream of connecting both Urban and Rural India with agriculture and make it more enjoyable.

We can help you with:

  • Better Crop Selection and Planning
  • Optimised Inputs, Irrigation and Fertigation Schedule
  • Real-time detection of Diseases, Pest Control
  • Enahanced Yield and Reduction in time to Harvest


SaralKheti is an IoT based Integrated Soil-Crop-Atmosphere Screening (SCAS) System for optimized input composition of nutrients and fertilizers, enhanced yield, disease protection, and improved quality of crops within a farm. It helps controlling the Plant Growth Factors creating an ecosystem which helps in high yield and quality produce at reduced input cost.

Internet of Things

We deploy our SaralSensors at farmlands to help monitor plant growth variables such as pH level, temperature, airflow, water, manure, fertilisers, temperature, precipitation, nutrients and light directly focused from plants perspective. Our algorithms based on machine learning will provide information on how to resolve problems when they arise.

Artificial Intelligence

We utilise deep models for in-depth analysis of the soil samples collected from farms. Our thermal imaging based algorithms can help map water requirement for crops. We provide recommendations to farmers on irrigation schedule, optimum input composition and preferred fertilizers.

Farmers Network

We help farmers with easy insurance, credit facilities, and price prediction for their crops. We provide facilities for agricultural storage, crops expertise, seeds, farm machineries, etc. We help in structuring the agro business viable for farmer based on demographic information and lifestyle.

Farmers Training

Low Cost Community Training to Farmers for modern agriculture techniques, market economics, modern machines and helping them improve their farms produce by adopting Precision Zero Budget Farming.

Crop Planning

Empower farmers with the capability to monitor the soil and crops health, detect possible pest infestations and nutrient deficiencies. Scheduling crop based on Farm Health, helping them to ensure maximum returns from every acre.

Faster Market Linkage

We help connect farmers with buyers and consumers. Farmer’s can get better value for their produce and efficient supply chain will help prevent post harvest losses. Buyers get consistent Quality at competitive price.

Crops Catered

  • All
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals
  • Spices
  • Fruits

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Our Founding team is bunch of Agripreneurs who believe in the backbone of India, i.e Agriculture and want to bring a change the way Agriculture is being practiced.

The team is deeply inspired by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a true leader and innovator and charismatic business leader Ratan Tata. We believe that as humans we are not here just to lead a moderate life with materialistic desire but to also have a higher goal of serving the humanity.

We are the change makers who are united by a vision to bring change at the root level using the modern scientific tools and technology.

Sanchit Aggarwal

Co-Founder and CEO

Rupesh Tyagi

Co-Founder and COO

Dr. Gopi Ghosh

Our Advisor and Former Asstt. FAO Rep/UN

Deepak Tayal

Embedded Engineering Intern

Part of Entrepreneur First

Bangalore Cohort 2